Company information from the National Court Register Poland (KRS)

Does your company need a reliably working KRS API, without any limits or technical interruptions? Each current excerpt of the National Court Register Poland and all economic information provided by this business register can be directly delivered to your organization. Find out which Polish companies can be found in the National Court Register KRS and how the service works.

API KRS Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy real time in your CRM/ERP system

The National Court Register of Poland (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy abbreviated as KRS or eKRS) is the official Polish commercial register that collects business information about all entities operating in Poland that are not sole proprietorships. The basic documents provided by the National Court Register KRS are a shortened and full excerpt of KRS (so called: odpis KRS). The KRS API for business maintained by our data software house gives you immediate access to it, allowing you to search for Polish companies by its identification numbers NIP, KRS or REGON.

Importantly, our KRS API also returns company information about persons that are not made available by the official government API of the Ministry of Justice of Poland.

Information about which Polish companies is included in the National Court Register KRS?

In API KRS from Transparent Data you will find exactly the same registration data as in electronic KRS register - we update the database on an ongoing basis. This includes business information on such legal forms of Polish companies as:

  • Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (limited liability company)
  • Spółka jawna (general partnership)
  • Spółka partnerska (partnership company)
  • Spółka akcyjna (joint-stock company)
  • Spółka komandytowa (limited partnership)
  • Spółka komandytowo-akcyjna (imited joint-stock partnership)
  • Prosta spółka akcyjna (simple joint-stock company)

Automatic downloading of data from the National Court Register Poland KRS via the business API offered by our company eliminates the problem of operational discontinuity, speeds up company verification processes and reduces business risk. Importantly, we provide professional IT assistance in implementing the service and a solid technical support throughout the entire contract period.

What company data does the Transparent Data API KRS return?

Data returned in API KRS National Court Register Poland is:

  • full current excerpt from KRS in pdf
  • current excerpt from KRS in pdf
  • full registration company data from current excerpt from KRS in JSON
  • personal and company capital connections of the entrepreneur from KRS in JSON
  • company connections (with other companies & physical persons) from KRS in JSON

Thanks to the business API KRS implemented to your CRM/ERP system, you will verify, among others such B2B data on Polish companies as:

  • KRS number, REGON number, NIP number
  • PKD codes
  • The name of the entity
  • Company address
  • Legal form, capital amount and date of registration of the company in the National Court Register Poland
  • Current company status in accordance with eKRS
  • Method of representing the company, shareholders and management board

Currently, over several hundred thousand actively operating Polish companies and other types of business entities such as associations and foundations are entered in the National Court Register KRS. In addition, there is historical registration data about companies that have already ceased operations and data about over 2.2 million people involved in the business.

What are the benefits of KRS API?

Thanks to the Transparent Data API KRS, checking the Polish Court Register, downloading excerpts and verifying Polish companies takes place without the need to leave the internal organization system and laboriously search the database. The employee only enters the NIP number in their CRM or ERP, and all company information from the National Court Register is automatically completed. In this way, the employee does not have to paste or rewrite data from a government search engine. Our KRS API speeds up the verification of B2B contractors and business risk assessment. It also frees human resources and reduces manual errors related to data transcription.

As an agile technology company and not just "simply" a supplier of business data, we can provide additional software services such as integration of data from the KRS with other data in the client's internal system or data processing for specialized KYC KYB compliance reports. We can also help implement data into the B2B customer registration form to speed up onboarding and credit, leasing and insurance decisions. We also support companies with our expert knowledge in the form of consulting in the automation of business processes related to data.

API KRS - a perfect solution for KYC and KYB compliance departments

The API KRS business solution is used primarily by KYC KYB compliance departments, accounting, analytical, purchasing and any other departments that require quick verification of business information about Polish companies. Automation of business processes by eliminating manual viewing of the National Court Register allows for easier data management and ensures high quality. It also minimizes business risk and improves the multidimensional assessment of contractors.

Automation of business processes in KYC KYB compliance departments by implementing the KRS API with Polish company information solves the problem of insufficient human and time resources. It allows you to safely collect reliable and up-to-date register data that is necessary to make business decisions or create risk assessment documentation without exceeding deadlines.

Try the National Court Register Poland API KRS for business

KRS API by Transparent Data instantly sends the most actual register information directly to your internal system. It eliminates the problem of limits and Captcha as well as temporary downtime in the operation of the original business registry of Poland. Contact us to arrange the details.

You can easily test the value that the KRS API can bring to your organization