Data Integrator

The Data Integrator platform from Transparent Data is a modern KYC AML tool for Poland designed for professionals. With its help, you will quickly and fully comply with verification of Polish companies in various business registers and databases. Such a comprehensive risk assessment brings real value to the daily work of finance, purchasing, AML and compliance departments. See for yourself - all you need is a computer and Internet access.

Risk assessment of cooperation with Polish companies can be faster, it can be more accurate

Thanks to the AML KYC tool for Poland, Data Integrator, your company

  • Can increase the efficiency of its KYC AML departments by eliminating the burden of manual, tedious company data acquisition
  • Receives ready-made business reports on Polish companies that document reliably performed KYC AML risk assessment procedures
  • You can be sure of obtaining current excerpts and comprehensive verification of information about every Polish company registered in the National Court Register KRS or CEIDG
  • Significantly shortens the time needed to download financial statements, verify contractors for VAT and carry out other processes that require checking large numbers of business entities
  • Increases the security of the portfolio of its current contractors from Poland while freeing up human resources

Use the Data Integrator - KYC AML tool Poland, which allows you to mass verify thousands of contractors at once

Enter the due diligence automation that can be given to Data Integrator. This modern KYC AML tool for Poland ensures business continuity 24/7, even if the original company information sources have technical glitches, and what's more, it allows you to mass verify the number of competitors at the same time by sending files with a list of identification numbers. Complete the form and we will contact you with an offer and a pro trial of the application.

Tell us which Data Integrator modules you are interested in and start testing the best KYC AML tool in Poland