API UBO Poland

Ultimate beneficial owner from CRBR

API UBO Poland by Transparent Data speeds up the process of verifying Polish entrepreneurs. Your AML KYC department no longer has to devote hours to find out who the ultimate beneficial owners of Polish companies are. The solution verifies the beneficiaries in the CRBR register, and if information is missing there, it also checks the KRS and CEIDG registers, returning results about natural persons having at least 25% of shares.

What information on ultimate beneficial owners does API UBO Poland return?

The ultimate beneficial owners are those natural persons in companies and other entities, such as foundations or associations, who have direct or indirect control over the organization. The actual ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) is also a person on whose behalf economic relations are established and occasional transactions are carried out. The main source of AML data provided by our API UBO Poland is the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners of Poland (Centralny Rejestr Beneficjentów Rzeczywistych, CRBR). We support it with comapny information about shareholders from the National Court Register of Poland KRS and CEIDG register of sole proprietorships.

The CRBR register data on ultimate beneficial owners of Polish companies returned by the API UBO Poland in JSON format is:

  • Name and surname of the ultimate beneficial owner
  • PESEL number
  • An indication of the percentage of shares in the company
  • Name and address of the company of which the person is the beneficiary and its KRS and NIP company identification numbers
  • Type of rights (e.g. partner)

Thanks to the API UBO Poland, AML KYC departments in companies can automate the process of verifying Polish ultimate beneficial owners in reliable data source and shorten the time needed to find the necessary information to a few seconds. We provide easy API integration with your company's internal systems.

Only selected Polish companies report information about UBOs to the Central Register of Ultimate Beneficial Owners of Poland CRBR

Not all Polish companies are obliged by AML Act to submit to the CRBR register an information who the UBO ultimate beneficial owner of their organization is.

Which business entities in Poland should report their ultimate beneficial owners to the CRBR?

  • Joint-stock companies (pol. ‘spółki akcyjne’, S.A.)
  • Simple joint-stock companies (pol. ‘proste spółki akcyjne’, P. S.A.)
  • Limited joint-stock partnerships (pol. ‘spółki komandytowo-akcyjne’, S.K.A.)
  • Limited partnerships (pol. ‘spółki komandytowe’, sp.k.)
  • Limited liability companies (pol. ‘spółki z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością’, sp. z o.o.)
  • General partnerships (pol. ‘spółki jawne’, sp.j.)
  • Partnership companies (pol. ‘spółki partnerskie’, sp.p.)
  • European companies (pol. ‘spółki europejskie’)
  • Coperatives (pol. ‘spółdzielnie’)
  • European cooperatives (pol. ‘spółdzielnie europejskie’)
  • Associations that are required to be entered in the National Court Register KRS
  • Foundations
  • European Economic Interest Groupings
  • Trust companies (if the trustee's area of residence or branch office is located in Poland; business relations are established in Poland or real estate is purchased on behalf of the trust)

Our API UBO Poland solves the lack of an entry in the CRBR register by extra information from the National Court Register KRS and CEIDG

Only since mid-2020 has there been an obligation in Poland to report UBOs to the Polish Central Register of Beneficial Owners CRBR. Although failure to register an ultimate beneficial owner may result in a fine of up to PLN 1 million, not all Polish companies make the correct entry. CRBR also lacks ultimate beneficial owners of civil partnerships or sole proprietorships from Poland. Therefore, verification of the ultimate beneficial owner under AML procedures is difficult in practice. Our API for business meets these difficulties by also analyzing the ownership structure in the Polish main business registers KRS and CEIDG.

How does the Transparent Data API UBO Poland algorithm work? If there is no data on beneficiaries in the database of the Central Register of Beneficial Owners, the algorithm checks the registration data in the National Court Register KRS and CEIDG, and then returns results on natural persons with min. 25% of company shares. In this way, AML departments always get the information they need.

Key benefits of obtaining data on UBO ultimate beneficial owner from CRBR via API by Transparent Data

First of all, this API is provided by Transparent Data and we are the company information provider from Poland. No foreign data supplier knows Polish business registers as we do. What is more, access to this stable API UBO Poland for business meets the most stringent compliance policies. We are compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, and closely cooperating with Kaczmarski Group, whose brand is, among others, Economic Information Bureau KRD BIG SA.

The API UBO Poland allows for more secure risk management and faster decision-making. By automating AML KYC processes, your analysts and risk managers stop delaying sales and transactions. Our API will allow your organization to meet regulatory obligations arising from the AML Act, without waiting for the CRBR register pages to load and without laboriously downloading KRS extracts in order to calculate the percentage of a given person's share in the company if an entry in the CRBR is missing.

Try the Ultimate Beneficial Owner API UBO Poland from Transparent Data

Are you looking for a solution that will allow you to quickly identify the ultimate beneficial owner of Polish company? Thanks to the API UBO Poland from Transparent Data, you will obtain registration data about the UBOs consistent with the current state of the CRBR, KRS and CEIDG registers. We give a high SLA of 99%.

Gain reliable information about who the ultimate beneficial owners of your Polish contractors are