ZPF Best Practice Principles

Membership in the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland obliges. Here is information about the ZPF Good Practice Principles that Transparent Data follows.

We joined the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland (formerly KPF) in March 2018, which opened up the opportunity for Transparent Data not only to exchange knowledge and experience with the most reputable companies in the financial market, and to participate in legislative processes through the opportunity to give opinions and consult on the changes introduced, but also to strive to maintain the highest ethical standards.

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ZPF mission and values

The main objective of the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland, established in 1999, is to build and strengthen social capital in the financial market. The organization of a professional forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience for businesses, broadly understood education, promotion of the principles of good practice and representation of the interests of the financial sector before legislators in Poland and the EU - these are the basic activities of the ZPF implemented within the framework of the adopted strategy to strengthen the harmonious development of business.

Each member of the Union of Financial Enterprises in Poland is obliged to comply with the so-called ZPF Good Practice Principles - a document constituting a set of ethical principles of business conduct.

Fair competition, dignity and trust, diligence, competence and reliable customer service, protection of customer information and prevention of conflicts of interest - these are just some of the ZPF Good Practice Principles applied by our company on a daily basis.

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ZPF certificate

Compliance of the written standards with the actual conduct of ZPF members, is verified by an independent Ethics Committee on the basis of an ethical audit. It is on this basis that a decision is made on the award and maintenance of the Ethical Audit Certificate, confirming the application of practices that fully comply with the ZPF Good Practice Principles.

We would also like to inform you that, being a member of the Union of Financial Enterprises in Poland, in our activities we have undertaken to apply the Principles of Good Practices, therefore any of our clients may report their complaint or grievance to the Ethics Committee of ZPF or the Ethics Ombudsman by completing the following application.