Company verification in Data Integrator

Module for compliance KYC KYB

This module of the Data Integrator tool facilitates professional verification of the company from Poland by its NIP number. Check Polish companies in the KRS and CEIDG registers, download excerpts, business reports and all documents you need for compliance KYC KYB. Comprehensive company verification in various registration sources becomes faster and easier.

Check Polish company or even hundreds of companies with just one click through the Company verification module

If you are responsible for risk management in your company, you know perfectly well how much time it takes to assess business risk in Poland. Economic information is widely dispersed among various commercial registers, such as KRS, CEIDG, REGON or the White List. Every day, compliance KYC KYB departments unnecessarily waste their human, time and financial resources on manually collecting documentation. This translates into slower decision-making processes and a lower level of organizational security. The Company verification module meets these challenges by optimizing the work of entire teams.

The Data Integrator is a modern RegTech tool that aggregates registration data from the most important Polish business registers. Importantly, the company's NIP is verified in two ways - individually and in bulk, by uploading any list of Polish companies identification numbers to automatically download current exceprts and generate business reports.

Verification of the company from Poland through commercial reports, KRS extracts and CEIDG copies

The registry information that your KYC KYB compliance department may need will probably vary depending on the internally adopted procedures. Sometimes it is enough to verify Polish company by downloading current KRS extract (document from Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy - the National Court Register of Poland) or a copy from CEIDG (Polish register of sole proprietorships), but it may often turn out that a comprehensive business report will be necessary, answering the most important questions of the data analyst, like what are the company's revenues from recent years or the age of its board members.

Our data software house Transparent Data is a proven company data provider from Poland whose services are used by the largest financial, lending and leasing organizations in Poland. The business reports make data analysis and key decision-making faster and safer.

The documents on Polish companies for KYC KYB compliance that can be obtained through the Company verification module in Data Integrator are:

  • Full business report
  • Risk Assessment Report
  • Whitelist report
  • Full extract of the KRS register
  • Abridged extract of the KRS register
  • Copy from the CEIDG register

Verification of a Polish company in business intelligence agency or a business information bureau

Do you want the Company verification tab in Data Integrator to also include business reports from Polish business information bureaus or the business intelligence agencies whose services you already use? Nothing easier. Data integration with another business data provider with which you have a separate contract is also possible. As a technology company from the narrow RegTech sector, we have well-established partnerships with most of the renowned economic and business information providers in Poland.

The Data Integrator tool was created in response to the real needs of compliance KYC KYB departments. We know perfectly well that company verification in large organizations is based on various data sources, and open data from public registers is sometimes not enough. If your business intelligence agency or business information office has a business API for its solutions, we can make it possible for you to order commercial reports not only from Transparent Data, but also from your other partners via one Data Integrator interface.

Faster, more effective Polish company verification by NIP thanks to RegTech

Registration data scattered in several separate sources of economic information negatively affect the development of the company, significantly slowing down the initial business intelligence and the assessment of the risk of cooperation. By using advanced technologies, the Company verification module eliminates these barriers. Company information from the KRS, CEIDG, REGON, the White List and business reports are downloaded automatically and effectively. Thus, KYB KYC compliance departments no longer have to manually search for the documentation needed in the processes. Their time, instead of being wasted on unnecessary tasks, can be spent on proper data analysis, decision-making and customer service.

Automating business processes related to risk management is an investment that quickly pays off. In Data Integrator, verification of Polish company by NIP can be carried out en masse - all it takes is one employee to upload a file with thousands of registration numbers of business entities to be checked, and our RegTech tool will generate the necessary documents based on trade registers and reliable databases.

Try Polish company verification in Data Integrator

Do you want to check how the Data Integrator works and how you can use it to automate business processes in your company? Contact us and ask about test access to the platform. See how the module works, thanks to which the verification of Polish company will be faster. Generate and download commercial reports and current registry extracts with just one click.