API Monitoring of entities from Poland

in the KRS, CEIDG and MSiG

Automatically find out that Polish company has just suspended or liquidated its business or declared the company bankrupt. Thanks to daily alerts, your organization will immediately be able to take appropriate steps to change the contract. Automate the process of monitoring companies in main business registers of Poland: KRS, CEIDG and MSiG.

Let automatic Polish company monitoring relieve your risk assessment department

Neither the National Court Register KRS nor the CEIDG register provide automatic company monitoring options. To track a change in business status, address or change of owners, you need to download the current excerpt and compare it with the previous one. In turn, Court and Commercial Gazette of Poland MSiG, which was intended to be a journal of data changes, is published in PDF format - which requires reading several dozen pages. This means that companies that want to monitor the portfolio of their current Polish customers must do it actively manually, checking one by one. Automatic monitoring of Polish companies in the KRS, CEIDG and MSiG allows you to ensure the security of your portfolio without any active effort on the part of employees.

Save your risk assessment staff's time. Checking changes in the registration data of B2B contractors from Poland can be done by the Company Monitoring API prepared by Transparent Data. The algorithm will do exactly that, eliminating the risk of human oversight and freeing up the organization's resources.

Details API Monitoring of companies in the KRS, CEIDG i MSiG registers of Poland

API Company Monitoring Transparent Data sends notifications about a new change in the registration data of the Polish company you track to the e-mail address provided. The registers that are monitored are the National Court Register of Poland (KRS), the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) and the Court and Commercial Gazette (MSiG).

The monitoring alert takes the form of a clear table that includes:

  • Company name and its NIP/KRS identification number
  • Date of recording the change in the Polish register (day, month, year and time)
  • Content of the original, changed fragment (e.g. content of the entry about the company's bankruptcy, amount of the changed share capital, new company address, details of the new management board member)

Expand Polish company bankruptcy monitoring in MSiG to include consumer bankruptcy

In MSiG, it is worth monitoring not only Polish company bankruptcies, but also Polish consumer bankruptcies. If you operate in both B2B and B2C, such a solution will certainly make the work of your organization's risk department more effective. Transparent Data Consumer Bankruptcies API will enable you to automatically search for both current and historical bankruptcies of hundreds of thousands of private persons directly from the Court and Commercial Gazette.

Types of KRS, CEIDG and MSiG monitoring enabled by API

The Company Monitoring API package includes as many as 7 functional ways of monitoring changes in the B2B customer portfolio:

  • Bankruptcy monitoring (changes in MSiG)
  • Liquidation monitoring (changes in MSiG)
  • Restructuring monitoring (changes in MSiG)
  • Monitoring of the management board (changes in KRS)
  • Monitoring of share capital (changes in KRS)
  • Monitoring the company's status (changes in CEIDG / KRS)
  • Address monitoring (changes in CEIDG / KRS)

How does Polish company monitoring work?

The user can create any number of different monitorings via API - name individual company monitors appropriately and assign specific employee email addresses to which notifications about registration changes are to be sent.

Creating a new monitoring system involves adding the NIP/KRS numbers that are to be checked (e.g. a list of 700 companies) and selecting whether alerts are to be sent to the indicated mailbox once a day (collectively) or after each change recorded in the business register.

How automatic monitoring of changes in Polish business registers benefits your organization?

The key benefits that automation of the process of monitoring companies in Polish business registers brings to the organization are:

  • Elimination of the risk of human mistakes – the risk that the employee did not notice a change in CEIDG, KRS or MSiG, and the client "forgot" to notify
  • Freeing up resources – risk department employees can focus on tasks that really require their intelligence: analyzing information and making decisions
  • Monitoring of the KRS, CEIDG and MSiG can support the early warning process and speed up your organization's response to customer problems

Try API Monitoring of entities from Poland

Early detection of any changes in commercial registers, information about the announcement of company bankruptcy, liquidation and restructuring - these are just some of the information about Polish companies that you will automatically obtain as a user of API Company Monitoring from Transparent Data. Automatically detect changes in CEIDG, KRS and MSiG of your B2B contractors, increasing the security of your wallet.

Automate the process of monitoring Polish companies in the MSiG, KRS and CEIDG registers