Company information from REGON GUS database

Are you looking for a reliable API REGON that will make Polish company verification and KYC KYB processes more accurate and faster? Check out our RegTech solution. The REGON database of the Central Statistical Office is one of the most important public registers in Poland and the only one that, thanks to information about the PKD codes, allows you to find out what industry a given company operates in.

Company information from REGON database maintained by the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS)

The REGON database of the Central Statistical Office in Poland (GUS) is a business register which contains entries on entities of the national economy in Poland. Our API REGON gives you immediate access to the entire database, allowing you to conduct quick business intelligence - confirm the REGON number, verify the company's PKD numbers (Polish SIC/NACE codes), and check whether a Polish civil partnership exists.

Information about which Polish companies is included in the Central Statistical Office's REGON database?

The REGON online database contains company information about entities of the Polish national economy, i.e.:

  • Legal entities (Polish companies registered the National Court Register KRS, such as joint-stock companies, limited liability companies etc)
  • Civil partnerships
  • Organizational units that do not have legal personality
  • Sole proprietorships (registered in CEIDG)
  • Local units that have been reported by legal entities

Thanks to the Transparent Data API REGON, registration data from the original REGON GUS source is delivered to your internal CRM, ERP or other software system without limits, in full security and in a way that allows you to automate time-consuming, manual searches.

What Polish company data does the API REGON return?

Via the REGON API for business, we provide both current registration data processed by the REGON database of the Central Statistical Office, as well as historical data. To inquire about a given company, use its individual registration identifier, i.e. REGON number or NIP number.

By deciding to implement the REGON API from the company information provider Transparent Data, you gain a guarantee of continuity of service even when the REGON database of the Central Statistical Office has technical interruptions.

The data returned by the API REGON is sent in the JSON format and includes:

  • REGON number and NIP number
  • KRS number (if the business entity has it)
  • Full name of the Polish company
  • Company status
  • Legal form
  • Main PKD number and additional PKD numbers
  • Detailed address details of the entity's registered office
  • The date of the entry, change or deletion from the Central Statistical Office, REGON
  • Indication whether the entity was registered in the National Court Register KRS or in CEIDG
  • Date of establishment, resumption, suspension, deletion or closure of the company
  • Owner's name and surname
  • Form of the property
  • Information about partners
  • Date of the bankruptcy judgment
  • Telephone number, fax number and e-mail address
  • Website address
  • All information about changes to the registry
  • Business entities listed under the same NIP number

We also offer the API KRS CEIDG REGON method

Moreover, if you also decide to purchase API KRS and API CEIDG from our offer, you will receive an additional API KRS CEIDG REGON method, allowing you to verify the Polish company with one query immediately in these three main business registers of Poland.

PKD codes from the Central Statistical Office, REGON, will help you find out what a given Polish company actually does

All Polish companies are obliged to register with the Central Statistical Office, REGON, providing the main PKD business activity code and additional codes. For example, PKD 49.41.Z indicates that a given company is engaged in road transport of various types of goods.

The REGON database is also a source where you can find Polish civil partnerships

There is no register of civil partnerships as such in Poland. Therefore, if you want to check whether a given civil partnership is not a ghost company, you should check CEIDG register, where there are entries of the company's partners, and the Central Statistical Office's REGON database. Each civil partnership must have an individual REGON number, which means that the API REGON also allows you to verify this type of enterprise.

Speed ​​up the onboarding of a new customer with the REGON API

The API REGON can also be used to speed up the registration process of new B2B customers from Poland. The initial assessment of business risk and verification of the compliance of the company's registration data is then performed automatically. When registering a B2B customer, you only enter the company registration number, and the name, surname, address and other basic registration data are immediately delivered to the system.

One API REGON for many departments in your company

B2B customer onboarding is not the only process in the company in which API REGON provides quick and measurable benefits. Company data from the REGON database is used by KYB KYB compliance departments, which do not want to waste time on slow, manual verification of Polish companies. Due to information about companies' PKD codes, the REGON database is also an excellent source of data for industry reports and a basis supporting the acquisition of B2B leads from Poland.

Do your employees constantly lack time to verify contractors or keep databases up to date? Is digital transformation the direction your organization is heading? Do you want to increase security? API REGON from our data software house supports timely and reliable implementation of tasks of hundreds of employees of the largest Polish enterprises.

Try API REGON for business

Invest in RegTech solutions that allow you to accelerate your development by automating business processes. With Transparent Data API REGON you can forget about the need to tediously search the REGON database to verify Polish companies or obtain basic registration data. Check out our offer and the security that comes with a solid economic data endpoint.

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