Monitoring of entities & mortgage in Data Integrator

Monitor companies in Polish business registers

Does your business activity require you to monitor changes in CEIDG and KRS registers regarding your B2B customers? Or maybe you are interested in monitoring consumer bankruptcies in MSiG or monitoring Polish land and mortgage registers? You will find all these functions in this module in KYC AML tool Data Integrator.

Start automatic monitoring of Polish companies and track changes in CEIDG, KRS, MSiG and contractors' land and mortgage registers

Standard monitoring of Polish companies by a risk department employee, including monitoring of all significant registration changes in the National Court Register (KRS), the Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG) and the Court and Commercial Gazette (MSiG), requires periodically spending large amounts of time. This increases the risk of missing important company information, such as new consumer bankruptcies, company restructuring or a change of company address. In addition, there are also land and mortgage registers, the monitoring of which is necessary for mortgage loans. In the case of medium and large enterprises that have to monitor even thousands of Polish contractors in this way, this is a task involving many employees.

Looking for a way to save time and human resources, and better manage risk in the company? Modern KYC KYB compliance departments focus on automation! Access the Monitoring of companies, persons and land and mortgage registers module of Data Integrator.

Monitoring of companies in Polish business registers KRS, CEIDG and MSiG - details of the service and types of tracking of registration changes

Data Integrator tool is very intuitive - after logging in, simply select the type of monitoring (which changes in CEIDG, KRS and MSiG you want to keep track of), and then add the NIP number or upload a file with thousands of company registration numbers. As soon as there is a change in the company address, a change in the ownership structure or any other update of the contractor's registration data in the original source, you will receive appropriate notification directly to the e-mail address you have designated.

The automatic monitoring of Polish companies in Data Integrator may include:

  • Monitoring the company's status (in KRS / CEIDG)
  • Monitoring company bankruptcy (in MSiG)
  • Monitoring liquidation (in MSiG)
  • Monitoring restructuring (in MSiG)
  • Monitoring of persons on the management board (in KRS)
  • Monitoring of share capital (in KRS)
  • Monitoring the company address (in KRS / CEIDG)

Liquidation of a company, restructuring or share capital that is reduced is an important business information for risk assessment. The Monitoring of entities & mortgage module in Data Integrator helps you quickly and easily access this type of data about Polish companies. The tool can be used to monitor any companies that are registered in the National Court Register KRS (limited partnership, joint-stock company, professional partnership and others), as well as monitor sole proprietorships in CEIDG.

With Data Integrator you can also monitor consumer bankruptcies in MSiG, new companies in the National Court Register and land and mortgage registers

Consumer Bankruptcy Monitoring in MSiG

Our automatic monitoring checks new consumer bankruptcies announced in Poland in MSiG every day and compares the published data with the list of people you uploaded. Within one consumer bankruptcy monitoring, you can monitor up to 20,000 people and set up any number of subsequent monitoring, divided in a way that is practical for your company. You can use the option of being informed only about new changes in MSiG or receive daily monitoring status to the specified e-mail address.

Monitoring New companies in the KRS register

In this module in the Data Integrator, you can also monitor new business entities that have just been registered in the National Court Register of Poland. Just select the PKD number (main and additional activity codes), i.e. the industry that interests your company, and as soon as new companies appear in the KRS, an appropriate notification will be sent to your e-mail. B2B leads from Poland collected in this way and the ability to reach new, potential customers first help increase the organization's competitive advantage.

Automatically tracking changes in CEIDG, KRS & MSiG as support for risk departments

Establishing monitoring in Data Integrator eliminates once and for all the need for manual, tedious and often ineffective ongoing verification of Polish companies and people. It is a quick and easy automation of business processes. By including monitoring of companies in the KRS and CEIDG, monitoring of consumer bankruptcies and land and mortgage registers, you will free up human resources. Daily verification of Polish contractors will take place automatically, and the employee will only step in when they receive an alert about a disturbing change that threatens the interests of your organization.

Apart from the obvious benefit of saving employees' time, automatic monitoring of companies through Data Integrator also brings other benefits. Thanks to it, the business risk is lower - the probability of not noticing a change in CEIDG, KRS or MSiG significantly decreases. Our technology and algorithms are very accurate.

Try the Monitoring of entities & mortgage module in Data Integrator

Improve business risk management in your enterprise thanks to the automation provided by the Data Integrator data platform. The liquidation of the company in KRS or changes in the CEIDG of your contractors will be immediately recorded, as will new consumer bankruptcies, changes in the company address or the amount of share capital. Try our solution and join the group of satisfied customers.