API White List (Biała Lista)

Data from the List of VAT Taxpayers of Poland

Are you looking for an agile API for business thanks to which the verification of a Polish VAT contractor in the White List is not limited by the query limit? The White List API we offer allows you to check thousands of NIP numbers and accounts in 5 different ways, the functionality of which will certainly be appreciated by your finance and accounting department. We provide data consistent with the current state of the database of the List of VAT Taxpayers of the Ministry of Finance of Poland.

Get to know the API White List for business, without limits, able to check up to 15,000 tax identification numbers in an hour

The White List Register (official name: Biała Lista Wykaz Podatników VAT) contains data on both registered and unregistered Polish taxpayers, as well as those deleted and restored to the list. Importantly, proper verification of the VAT contractor from Poland cannot be done without this source, although the official government API White List limits companies to a 300 queries per day. This restriction exposes large organizations carrying out thousands of transactions, to significant costs in the form of loss of the right to deduct 23% VAT and imposing a number of penalties.

Eliminate the risk of losing the right to deduct VAT without significant automation costs. The Transparent Data’s API White List created for business allows you to verify data from the List of VAT Taxpayers of Poland quickly and without limits. Thanks to this solution, you can check up to 15,000 companies in an hour. High SLA of 99% and full data up-to-dateness are promises that we fulfill in practice.

5 convenient methods of API White List for 5 accounting and finance responsibilities

In most companies, verification of Polish contractors on the White List, which is a time-consuming obligation for finance and accounting departments, comes down to:

  • Check whether the company to which we issue an invoice is an active VAT payer in Poland;
  • Check whether the contractor has provided the correct account number (registered on the White List);
  • Quick control of whether B2B contractors' transfers have been or will be in compliance with the VAT due diligence obligation, i.e. mass checking of compliance of hundreds or thousands of pairs of NIP numbers and bank account numbers on the White List;
  • If inconsistencies are detected (transactions involving data that are not on the White List), checking the competences of the Polish tax office and submitting a notification to it, which protects the organization against the loss of the right to deduct VAT;
  • Check in which banks the VAT contractor has settlement accounts.

In response to these needs, our White List API provides 5 functional ways to find information:

  • API method VAT payer status

    allowing verification of whether the contractor is active, exempt and not registered as a VAT payer in Poland. Importantly, our API allows you to check not only the VAT status as of today, but also for any date back;

  • API method White List NIP/Account Verification

    checking the compliance of pairs of NIP numbers and bank account numbers (in return, the Customer receives a completed YES/NO column - this way, you can find inconsistencies faster);

  • API method White List NIP Membership

    checking bank account numbers of Polish companies by NIP number;

  • API method White List Account Affiliation

    checking the registered NIP by bank account number that belongs to a Polish company;

  • API method White List of the Tax Office

    allowing you to check the address of the contractor's Polish tax office by its NIP number.

In our API White List for business you will find 100% of the same records as in the List of VAT Taxpayers of Poland

As a business information provider associated with FEBIS and the Association of Financial Enterprises in Poland ZPF, we guarantee that in our API White List you will find all data (100% of what is in the government's List of VAT Taxpayers), current and fully reliable. You will also gain completely effortless answers and acceleration of processes necessary in accounting and finance.

By choosing API White List, you will eliminate the financial risk associated with losing the right to deduct VAT in Poland and incurring joint and several liability. Our solution makes it easier to find the address of the tax office appropriate for the verified contractor. It is also useful on a daily basis for verifying the VAT status and collecting the necessary documentation. By creating documentation of correctly performed procedures, you protect the interests of your company.

API White List is an automation of NIP and bank account verification that pays off

What will a specialized API White List without limits and with functional ways of asking questions about a contractor give your organization? You will reduce operating costs - you will gain work automation, so you will not need additional employees in the accounting and finance department. Data from the White List (Biała Lista) will be reliable and delivered on time. If your organization conducts a lot of transactions, such automation of Polish VAT contractor verification pays off.

We also recommend our API Financial Reports of Polish companies. Thanks to it, you can quickly gain both entire packages of original documents from eKRS, as well as unified data from financial statements in XLS files.

Try the Transparent Data’s API White List (Biała Lista)

API White List allows you to check up to 15,000 Polish entities per hour. This solution relieves the burden on accounting departments, which, without access to modern technology, tend to be overloaded with a multitude of tasks. Manual verification of a VAT contractor on the White List is an unnecessary risk that you can reduce. Our API White List does not apply to the daily check limit.

Speed ​​up the verification of a VAT contractor from Poland with API White List